Women's Ministry

As a part of the wider church family, our women's ministry seeks to know Jesus better and make Jesus better known.

This happens in many ways, as we all encourage one another and share God's Word with one another on Sundays, in growth groups and throughout our day to day lives.

This also happens through a number of events we enjoy together: a women's breakfast, a weekend away and a Christmas evening.

Women's Exploring Christianity Group

We would love to invite you to join our Women's Exploring Christianity Group!

We meet in term time on Wednesday mornings, 9:45am to 11am, with a creche provided.

The group is open to all women, especially if you:

- are exploring and looking into the Christian faith.

- have recently started coming along to St John’s and are new to reading the Bible.

The group sessions are relaxed and informal, with lots of opportunity to ask questions. You are very welcome to come along as often as you would like.

Our focus through the year is John’s gospel, which is an eye witness account of Jesus' life, death and resurrection. From time-to-time we also do helpful courses such as the ‘Christianity Explored’ and ‘Hope Explored’ courses. The Bible is the place where we hear God speak to us. Each week we will read a bit from John’s gospel, and then consider and discuss it together. There is no need to read out loud or answer any questions. If you prefer to listen, that is fine. All questions are appreciated and welcome.

The group runs alongside the St John's Women’s Growth Groups. If, as you explore Christianity, you decide to believe and trust in Jesus, you may like to then join a longer term Women’s Growth Group.

St John's Women's Growth Groups

Growth Groups are a vital and integral part of church family life, and a great way to get to know one another in a large church. 

Our women's growth groups meet weekly during term-time to study the Bible, encourage each other in faith and pray together. Our aims are to know Jesus better and to make him better known. 

Some women's groups meet in the daytime: on Tuesday afternoons (2pm - 3.15pm), Wednesday mornings with creche provided (9:45am-11am), and Thursday mornings (10.30am - 12 noon). 

There is also an evening women's group which meets on zoom on Wednesday evenings (7:45pm to 9pm).

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