Mummy & Me


What is Mummy & Me?

Mummy & Me is our Monday morning term-time toddler group for mums and their babies, toddlers and pre-school children. It is run by St John's volunteers, under the leadership of Ruth Bradshaw. (We also have a Thursday afternoon group called Buttercup for bumps and babies under the age of 1.)

We aim to:

1. Be a place where mums from the local St John's community can come and feel welcome and make friends with other mums at a similar stage;
2. Provide a safe and happy environment for babies and pre-school children, but please remember that you are responsible for your children at all times.

What happens at Mummy & Me?

At Mummy & Me we make friends, enjoy crafts and toys, sing songs and listen to a short Bible story. Tea, coffee and home-made cake are served to mums; a variety of healthy snacks are provided for children.

10.00am  Free play and craft
10.30am  Songs and Bible story
10.45am  Refreshments
11.20am  Tidy up and song time
11.30am  Time to go home!

Mummy & Me Practicalities

Where? St John's Church Centre (entrances on both St John's Road and Amherst Road)

Car park? Next to St John's Church in Amherst Road

How much? £2 per session or £16 per term

Is there a waiting list? Currently yes, we do have a short waiting list. 

How can I register?  Please contact Ruth Bradshaw below.  

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Contact us

For more information, please do get in touch with the Church office on 01892 540897