A list for lockdown, part 1

Helen Stone, Wednesday 29th APril 2020

Here I have pulled together a list of resources that you may find helpful. There will be more of these blog posts, so if you have anything you'd like to recommend to our church family, 

Free ebook: If you could ask God one question
The GoodBook company are offering this ebook free of charge. It gives answers to the 12 most frequently-asked questions about God. Is there someone you could send this to?

Adam Curtis has created a video blog with 60 second sermons to offer Christian hope in the middle of Coronavirus. 

Since lockdown began, Christianity Explored have seen visits to the page ‘If God exists, why is there suffering?’ doubling. Could this video help anyone you know? Note: the transcript is helpfully included on the page.

The charity Compassion have uploaded free prayer journal templates which can be printed and used. The website also includes tips on how to start and continue a prayer jounal.

Just for fun - if you have the ingredients, why not have a go at baking banana bread?

This article was written last year, but can easily apply to our situation now. Despite our present sufferings, this article reminds us to keep an eternal perspecive.

Helen Stone

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